Movement Control Order: Global Index Performance March to June 2020

Malaysia Movement Control Order or known as MCO, finally has come to an end. It has been lifted on 9th of June 2020. MCO took place since 18th of March 2020. It tally took 92 days since launching date. Now Malaysia has entered into Recovery MCO

Malaysia Movement Control Order has affected lots of countries. From social living up to stock market. For instance Malaysia, our capital market has been appreciated to 29.21% since MCO took place.

Summary of Findings: Special Survey 'Effect of COVID-19 On Economy and Individual by Department of Statistics Malaysia
Summary of Findings: Special Survey ‘Effect of COVID-19 On Economy and Individual by Department of Statistics Malaysia

How about ASEAN countries?


ASEAN countries experiencing the same thing as Malaysia does. However according to The Star we are the 1st country to wipe out our losses in 2020. Based on other factor such as population growth and number, Malaysia standing as one of the best among its peers in terms of its economic outlook.

CountryPopulation GrowthPopulation
MalaysiaTo peak32 million
SingaporeTo peak5.8 million
PhilippinesTo peak110 million
IndonesiaTo peak274 million
Number of Population and Growth in ASEAN Country 2020

Is Asia Pacific facing the same uptrend?

Performance for Asia Pacific index is very much robust. As shown on the slideshow above, NIKKEI is performing very well at 39.7% then followed by AORD 37.4%, TSEC 35.0%, HSI 15.5% and lastly SSE at 10.7%. On average Asia Pacific is performing 27.7%.

Although Asia Pacific housing most of fintech and manufacturing hub in the region, their performance is lagging behind ASEAN. These figures shows that Asia Pacific was performing poorer to ASEAN. ASEAN was better at 29.7%.

CountryPopulation GrowthPopulation
ChinaTo decline1,400 million
TaiwanTo peak24 million
JapanDeclining126 million
Hong KongTo peak7.5 million
AustraliaIncreasing26 million
Number of Population and Growth in Asia Pacific Country 2020

What about Western and European nation?

DJI faced the most market rout prior to COVID-19 arrival in United States. The market slided into bear territory with 37.09% drop from its highest peak at 29,551.42 on 11th of February 2020. As the US govenrment pumping all sorts of stimulus and while at the same time US Federal Reserve System (also known as Fed) buying corporate bonds to maneuver its financial market, this made the market resilience against the prolong of recession.

Therefore DJI continue to rally against the all odds. To date, DJI has been rallied up to 46.69% although unemployment rate is very much of a concern for everyone in the US. Fed responses to bear market has been vindicated.

CountryPopulation GrowthPopulation
USIncreasing331 million
UKIncreasing68 million
HollandTo decline17 million
FranceTo decline65 million
SwitzerlandIncreasing6.8 million
Number of Population and Growth in Western and European Country 2020

What is the outlook based on IMF?

According to the World Economic Outlook Growth Projections based on real GDP (annual growth,%) by IMF:

  1. Advanced economies will be the hardest hit in 2020. Then followed by modest growth in 2021.
  2. China economy will strive (as other countries are badly affected) during 2020 and will be recording the most robust advancement among other nation in 2021
  3. ASEAN economies will experience a slight hiccup and will bounce back stronger in 2021
United States-5.94.7
United Kingdom-6.54.0
Other Advanced Economies-4.64.5
Economic Projection for Selected Economies in 2020 & 2021

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